Advertising Policy

Guyo’s Guide strives to guide readers with credible information and advice related to kitchen and dining. The editorial team supports the information with research and expert reviews, wherever applicable.

Guyo’s Guide gets its revenues from advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate programs, and such partnerships to make the site free for your use. This funding helps us provide a better experience to our readers in the form of highly qualified writers and editors, visual presentations, reviews, and opinions from experts. This also helps us update our content from time to time to cover any latest developments in the respective fields.

However, the advertisements or sponsorships do not influence our editorial autonomy, and we do not compromise on the editorial values that guide us in every step we take towards giving a better experience to our readers.

We Have Sole Discretion On The Ads

Guyo’s Guide decides on where and how to display the ads on our pages. We also decide on the kind of ads to be published and those that need to be rejected. In the case of rejection or removal, we inform the advertiser about the same, along with the reasons that prompted us to do so.

We Advertise Responsibly

We are careful about what we advertise on our pages. We do not accept advertisements that make false claims, carry controversial opinions, or flare up sentiments on sensitive issues. We also do not carry ads that are generally considered to be in poor taste or harmful like illicit drugs, pornography, alcohol, firearms, and ammunition. We do not accept ads that are clearly offensive, fraudulent, illegal, harmful, or objectionable. Ads that discriminate against our readers based on their color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, region, etc., are not accepted.

We Don’t Endorse The Products We Advertise

Publishing content on the advertised products and companies does not necessarily mean that Guyo’s Guide endorses or promotes them. The editorial team is independent of such endorsement and advises the reader’s discretion while buying those products or services.

We Distinguish Advertorial Content From Editorial Content

The advertisements are clearly separated from the editorial content and placed under the ‘ads’ segments.

We Have Editorial Checks On Sponsored Content

We take sponsorships from manufacturers and service providers as a source of our revenues. The editorial team creates and clears such sponsored content. Here are the types of sponsored content we accept:

Sponsored and co-branded: Sponsored content is the content that the Guyo’s Guide team creates on the broad topics suggested by the sponsors. For co-branded content, we work in partnership with the brand concerned to generate the content, videos, photos, and such. The sponsored and co-branded content may include links to the advertiser’s pages.

Brand pages: Guyo’s Guide hosts web pages for various brands that are directly relevant to the website’s content. The content is not created, vetted, or endorsed by the editorial team. They do not necessarily reflect the editorial standards of Guyo’s Guide.

We Clearly Mention About Our Affiliate Partnerships

Wherever Guyo’s Guide staff writes about specific products with links added, we are most likely to earn a commission as part of the affiliate programs. However, the editorial team does its research to make sure the products are generally of good quality. Also, we clearly carry a disclaimer at the top of the article.